How to store a wedding dress?

How do you store a wedding dress after your big day? Do you get an old suitcase and put in in the loft or pack it up with your seasonal clothes?


Whether you are needing to store your wedding gown for travel or you have worn it on your special day and would like it safely stored we have the solution for you! For travel you want your wedding dress with you at all times and do not need the worry of it being in the hold when you can take it safely as hand luggage.

Our range of wedding dress boxes come in all shapes and sizes to suit all airlines regulations. Packing your gown can be a little challenging and we will happily do this for you free of charge. Acid free tissue is supplied with all our boxes to help with remaining the shape of the wedding dress. We wrap and fold your gown with the acid free tissue paper in between your gown when folding and boxing making sure on your arrival that the gown arrives in perfect condition.

Inside Maxi Wedding Dress Box Portsmouth
Deep Wedding Dress Box Portsmouth

Storing your gown once it has been worn is slightly different. Before boxing a gown for long term storage it would require cleaning. Never box or store a worn wedding gown before it is cleaned as this will result in possible damage to the dress in the way of mould on parts of the gown that food or drink or dirt from the day has got onto the gown. Our wedding gown boxes also come in different print designs which gives an added personal touch when storing on top of a wardrobe or under the bed. Once your dress is cleaned we will steam the gown before we box it for you in acid free tissue to preserve for long term storage. We would recommend storing your boxed gown in an area where there are no drastic changes in temperature.