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Zamora Floral Wedding Dress

Introducing our exquisite romantic wedding gown, available in two stunning variations – all ivory or ivory with multi-coloured 3D flowers. Whichever colour way you choose, rest assured that this gown will make a statement on your special day. The intricate 3D flowers delicately embellish the gown, creating a breathtaking effect. To complete the look, we have added off the shoulder sleeves, adding an elegant touch to this already enchanting dress. Additionally, we offer this gown in three lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for every bride. Embrace romance and beauty with our mesmerising wedding gown.

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A romantic wedding gown available in all ivory or Ivory with multi coloured 3D flowers. Either colour way you choose to wear this gown you will make a statement with this gown! The delicate 3d flowers and just stunning and added with the off the shoulder sleeves add the finished look. Available in three lengths.

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