How much are wedding dresses

How much are wedding dresses?

Wedding dress prices vary dramatically depending on designers, fabrics and where you choose to buy your wedding dress. Designer wedding dresses can cost anything from £2000 and upwards. Online wedding dresses which do grab brides attention are the other end of the scale, can be priced even as low as £100! Even though it is very tempting to buy your wedding dress online, brides should be aware of why it’s a low price? The fabric of the wedding dress will be made from a lower quality, the sizing can be all wrong and where it is made from can be controversial.

How much is a wedding dress online
How much is a wedding dress online cry

A designer wedding dress will be made just for you with the top quality fabrics and silks and hand beading. However, not all designer wedding dresses will cost £2000 and more. Our designer wedding dresses are priced between £800-£1800 and you will receive the same quality of fabrics and lace and hand beading on all our wedding dresses. Each wedding dress is made for you and we will measure you for your wedding dress. We will also guarantee arrival of your wedding dress in time for your wedding and final alterations to give the perfect fit , just for you!  On a budget! Not a problem. In store we offer a range of wedding dresses that are reduced to prices as little as £250 at times. We also offer a hire option on some wedding dresses which will halve the price of a wedding dress. Each bride has a different look she would like to achieve and a different budget, shopping in store will give you the best opportunity to not only have the dress of your dreams but at a price that suits you without compromise on the quality of the wedding dress.

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When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress there are many things to consider.

The first thing is what kind of bride you would like to be? What type of style would suit your figure, what’s my budget, when is the wedding, what season of the year will it be, do I want a full wedding dress or a small wedding dress all these questions and others need considering before looking for your dress. If you are having a traditional wedding there can be some questions about who pays for the wedding dress? Traditionally also a wedding dress is usually something that the bride will keep and pass down to her daughter, so it is important to find one that you really love.

The main things to look for when choosing a wedding dress are:

Some brides like to go for a more traditional look with a longer dress and full skirt, while others prefer something more fitted and modern. There are so many different styles of wedding dresses it can be hard to choose, but it is important to find something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Take time to do some research before going to try on your wedding dress and have an open mind as trying other styles of dresses that you may not of been considering will help in your final decision. When trying on wedding dresses, always make sure you have someone to help you with sound neutral advice, and take your time trying them on. You don’t want to be rushed into choosing a dress that you might regret later. Contact us now to arrange an appointment.